Best Green Cleaning Products : 9 to Try at Home

best green cleaning productsIf you find the price of supermarket –bought green cleaning products to be too steep, you could try making your own cleaning products at home. Some of the very best green cleaning products can be made at home, from products that you may already have in your kitchen cupboard. The prices of green cleaning products from stores are coming down; but to save even more money, make your own.

Brass Cleaner

Not everyone has brass in their home, or they might not think they do. Asides brass ornaments, you may have brass door knobs or even handles on your kitchen drawers. All you need to clean glass is white vinegar or lemon juice, and regular table salt. For this recipe you don’t even need to leave home. Dampen a cloth with either lemon juice or vinegar, and sprinkle on some salt. Rub lightly, and then rinse and buff for a perfect shine.

Best Green Cleaning Products : All Purpose Deodorizer

For an all-purpose cleaner and deodorizer, all you need is warm water and baking soda. Use around 4 tablespoons to a litre of water. You can clean the inside of appliances such as your microwave and fridge in this way, the baking soda neutralizing nasty odours. You can also clean your kitchen sink with baking soda and water. In fact, more people use baking soda for green cleaning than cooking nowadays!

Green Cleaner for Glass

You may have already heard that vinegar is great for getting windows clean. To get glass really sparkling, and without leaving the smell of vinegar behind, add a few drops of essential oil to your water and vinegar. If you can find concentrated alcohol in a cleaning store, this can be added too, for really getting to the bottom of dirt and grime. A tip here that you should remember is not to clean windows on a hot and sunny day. This is because the sun will dry the windows, leaving them streaky before you have chance to wipe them.


Borax is a typically American ingredient for tough laundry stains, but can be purchased in the UK from hardware stores. It can be used to tackle rust, dirty bathtubs, and anything which requires heavy duty scrubbing. To use borax, cut a lemon in half and dip in the borax, and scrub. Don’t use on delicate surfaces like granite or marble!


Your kitchen will get covered in grease and grime easily, especially around your cooker. In the past, people have found it challenging to find a cleaner for grease that doesn’t contain chemicals.  In the US, sudsy ammonia is used for the purpose. Ammonia is also used a lot across the continent for deep cleansing, available in the supermarket shelves! If you have no joy tracking down some sudsy ammonia in hardware stores, you can buy online from Amazon. This cleaning solution will cut through grease and grime in a way that no shop-bought degreaser can!

Water Ring Marks

Have you ever put a cup down on wood or antiques and left a water ring mark? All is not lost! What you need to gently rub away the water ring is baking soda and traditional white toothpaste. Make sure the toothpaste is white, not striped, and that it is a paste and not a gel. This method will not damage your wood or antiques, and after the mark has been removed, you can buff up with your normal polish.

Stain Remover for Clothes

If you have clothes with stubborn stains, a last resort can be to use dishwasher detergent and chlorine bleach. This method should only be used for clothes that can be bleached, and you should not pour the bleach directly onto clothes, nor should you choose an ultra-concentrated brand. To remove stains, prepare hot water, a cup of detergent, and one of bleach in a stainless steel bowl with a gallon of hot but not boiling water. Soak the garment for 20 minutes, and then wash as normal with this solution, one of the best green cleaning products.


One of the best green cleaning products for marble is dishwashing liquid. Ensure you buy a mild one that is not citrus. Mix a few drops into warm water, and wash your marble tops with a sponge, rinsing thoroughly afterwards. Never use lemon or citric scented detergents for marble; they will harm the surface.

All Purpose Cleaner

For a pleasant smelling all-purpose cleaner, use white wine vinegar and water in equal parts, scented with lemon rind and rosemary. Leave the mix in a spray bottle for a few days before use, allowing for the lemon rind and rosemary to infuse.


Office Cleaning Companies : Why Go Green

When choosing from the different office cleaning companies offering their services in Bristol it is important to go green. Contrary to popular belief, green cleaning is no more expensive than traditional cleaning. Green cleaning products are now available at very reasonable prices, and green cleaning has become the norm. So, let’s take a look at why you should go green. There’s far more to it than helping save the environment.

Office Cleaning Companies : Green Cleaner for a Healthy Working Environment

office cleaning companiesWhen you choose a green cleaning team for your office, you will be creating a healthy working environment and lowering health risks for your employees. When you switch over to green office cleaning you will notice the amount of sick days your staff have off reduce. This will not just be a coincidence. Traditional cleaning products contain toxins that are harmful. Some affect asthma sufferers, and others will bring on allergic reactions. Some people are more susceptible to allergies than others. But when you stop using chemicals in your office cleaning routine, guaranteed you will see an improvement in the health of your staff members.

The health complications that are associated with chemical cleaners include eye problems, respiratory problems, nausea, headaches, skin irritation and allergy, and even chemical poisoning. If your office smells of chemicals or bleach after your cleaners have been, it’s time to start looking for alternative office cleaning companies.

Green Cleaning Will Save you Money

As discussed before, green cleaning services are no longer more expensive than traditional ones. But, what you might not have realised is that switching over to eco cleaning can actually save you money. A lot of green cleaning solutions can be found in your kitchen cupboards, like baking soda and vinegar. These are a lot cheaper than chemical cleaners, but do the job just as well. What this means is that you should stock your office with green cleaning recipes for cleaning you will do yourself in-between visits from your eco cleaning Bristol team.

Using not just a green cleaning team but also eco-friendly clean team promotes sustainable living. It really is a win-win situation for you, your employees, and your pocket. Although you may not think you will make an impact on the overall problem we have with the environment, every little helps. Your contribution is as important as the next persons, no matter how small or large.

If you care about the environment, about your health, that of your employees, go green today. Office cleaning companies that still use chemical cleaning products are losing popularity every day. It’s not just offices that can be cleaned with green cleaning products. Even the dirtiest of industrial units and kitchens can be cleaned with products that don’t harm the environment. Here at Eco Cleaning Bristol we promote green clean methods for all situations, domestic and commercial. We have the knowledge and the power to clean to the very highest of standards, without harming the environment in any way at all.


Eco Friendly Cleaning Supplies : Go Green at Home

Ordering a domestic clean from your green cleaning experts is just one stage of turning you home into an eco-friendly one. Asides using a green cleaning team you should stock up on eco friendly cleaning supplies for in-between visits from your cleaners. It is easy to go green at home. With advice from Eco Cleaning Bristol, you can quickly banish your home from harmful cleaning products and outdated cleaning methods.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Supplies : Kitchen

eco friendly cleaning suppliesThe first place you will find cleaning materials in your home that are not suited to green cleaning is in your kitchen. Do you have a chemical degreaser for your cooker? Or bleach under your sink for your countertops. As much as you might like these products, they are harmful and contain chemicals that will harm nature once the residue is flushed down the drain. Baking soda, lemon juice, and vinegar are all proven to be just as good as chemicals for getting rid of stubborn dirt, grease, and grime.


In your bathroom you will have toilet cleaner, and perhaps a bottle of bathroom cleaner. This cleaner most likely has bleach in it, designed for quickly getting rid of mould. Once again, you do not need bleach for this purpose. Eco Cleaning Bristol can show you how to get rid of mould and mildew quickly and effectively, leaving the grout between your tiles shiny and white.


Another area of your home where you may be storing chemicals is in your garden shed. Do you have a pesticide or weed killer? These are both harmful to natural fauna and flora. Ants hate borax, and you can buy this natural product in a hardware store. Borax is available not just in the US but in the UK too. Ask at your hardware store to see under which name it is sold.

Eco friendly cleaning supplies won’t just save the environment. They will also save you money. In your kitchen you will have many of the supplies you need for keeping your kitchen clean. Does your chopping board look stained after cutting carrots? Don’t reach for the bottle of bleach you have under your sink. Instead, clean by slicing a lemon in half and rubbing it gently on your chopping board. You should aim to rid your home of all chemical cleaners. You do not need them, not even for in-between cleaning.

Chemical cleaners can also damage your health and that of those around you. Pets and toddlers crawl around your home, and chemical floor cleaners can be very dangerous for them. Have you ever inhaled bleach? If so, you will remember the nasty taste it left in your mouth and the headache. So, imagine what it would do to your pets or your little ones who can’t tell you that their head hurts or that their throat is dry. Rid your home of chemicals today with the help of Eco Cleaning Bristol. We don’t just clean homes. We help you become aware of what it takes to keep a really green home.

Office Cleaning in Bristol for the Greenest City Offices

Keeping your office clean should be high up on your list of priorities. You will most certainly of heard that a clean office promotes a good working ethic amongst employees. But what you might not know is that a green office is just as important as clean one. Read on to find out why you should only ever employ an office cleaning in Bristol team that uses 100% eco-friendly cleaning products.

Office Cleaning in Bristol : Creating a Healthy Working Environment

office cleaning in BristolIf your image of a green office is one with some greenery, then you are misinformed. Although having plants in the office is an excellent idea, it’s not just your plants that should be green. All cleaning products used by your office cleaning in Bristol team should also be green. Chemical cleaners don’t just harm the environment; they also damage the health of your employees.

Do you have any employees who suffer from asthma or skin allergies? How many days have they taken off work recently? What you might not know is that chemical cleaners can irritate asthma sufferers and cause also cause skin allergies. If your office smells of bleach, it may smell clean but it is also harming you and your staff members.

Have you ever used bleach at home to clean your bathroom and forgotten to open the window? If you have you will remember red eyes, difficulty with breathing, and a horrible lingering taste and a headache to go with it. In short, chemical cleaner like bleach are harmful, and they have no place in your office or your home.

Going Green at Work

There are many ways you can go green at work. One of the most important is employing an eco-friendly cleaning team. Asides this, you can recycle, use recycled paper, and have you cleaning cupboard stocked with eco-friendly janitorial supplies.

If you think that green cleaning is expensive, then once again you have been misinformed. Some of the best cleaning products can be found right at home. Vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice are just three of them. There is no need to use harsh cleaners in the office working environment, or indeed in any working environment. Even industrial premises can be cleaned to a high standard using only green cleaning products.

If your current team of office cleaners in Bristol is not eco-friendly, contact Eco Cleaning Bristol today. As a local company, we can offer you flexible and out of hours cleaning for your Bristol office that is affordable and of the highest standard. We work to ensure your office provides an optimum environment for your employees, and that starts will ensuring it is 100% green. From floors to windows, to end of lease cleaning, our team of commercial cleaners in Bristol have what it takes to make sure your office is not just the cleanest in the city but the most environmentally-conscious too.

Eco Friendly Suppliers for your Office and Home

When you care about the environment, you will employ a cleaning team that uses only green cleaning methods. But your concern for the environment should not stop there. A truly green home or office is one that houses no chemical cleaners at all. Do you have a bottle of bleach under the sink for when you spot mould in the bathroom? Do you still use old fashioned detergents for laundry that are full of nasty chemicals? If you have answered yes to either of these questions, Eco Cleaning Bristol is here to help you, eco friendly suppliers you can really rely on.

Eco Friendly Suppliers : Going Green

There are many areas of the home that need deep cleaning. Your oven is one of them. But when you choose Eco Cleaning Bristol for your oven cleaning, we will not use harsh chemicals. All our cleaning recipes are eco-friendly. We can also offer you advice on how to keep your home or commercial premise clean between our visits.

As eco friendly cleaners, we are also eco friendly suppliers of everything green. This includes your sponges, mops, and everything else you have in your cleaning kit. We like to share our cleaning tips with you, ensuring that your home is a safe one. If you knew just how much harm bleach can do to your pets or your children, you would throw the bottle you have under the sink out now.

When you constantly use chemicals in the home, you will find a buildup of harmful toxins. These can lead to respiratory problems and skin allergies. Do you wear gloves to clean because your cleaning products leave you with a rash? It’s not just your skin that is infected however. You cannot see the damage it is doing to the rest of your body.

Eco Friendly Suppliers for Commercial Premises

eco friendly suppliersAs well as supplying green cleaning products for homes, we can supply you with eco-friendly products for your office. Even the dirtiest of commercial premises can be cleaned using only green products. Green cleaning products are not more expensive, and many can be found in your kitchen cupboards.

If you use chemical based cleaners within your work environment, you are harming the health of not just yourself but also your staff members. The days when a house that smelled like bleach was a clean home are gone. A healthy working environment is one that is cleaned with only green products.

Whether you need cleaning supplies for your home or for your office, we are here to help you. We can share cleaning recipes with you to try out between our visits. We hate to see homes with chemicals in them, and we aim to convert all our Bristol offices and homes to green homes. Our supplies are affordable and effective, and they will allow you to do your bit at saving the environment today. From sponges to mops and cleaning cloths, we can show you how to eradicate dirt, bacteria, germs, and toxins from your domestic or commercial premise.

Best Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

When it comes to your household cleaning, going green should be a priority. What this means is getting to know what the best eco friendly cleaning products are. Making a switch to clean cleaning isn’t difficult, and Eco Cleaning Bristol are here to help you. Read on to find out how you can save money, and make your home a safer place too.

Best Eco Friendly Cleaning Products : Go Green Today

If you are still not sure about going green, then you are not alone. Perhaps you think that natural products won’t cut through grime. Or, you may believe that green products are expensive. Both of these statements are entirely false. Some of the best eco friendly cleaning products are household products you have at home. That’s right. Reaching for your vinegar or lemon juice is often all it takes to get your home clean.

Hazardous Exposure to Chemicals

Many traditional cleaners are highly toxic or combustible. These pose a threat to you, your children, and your pets. Accidental ingestion of bleach is commonly seen in your local A&E waiting room. Even when chemical cleaners are used correctly, you will leave toxic residue behind. When you switch to natural cleaners, you will breath more easily, skin complaints like eczema will often subside, and your family will become healthier.

Asides your health, the air you breath will become cleaners. This can put a stop to headaches, and sneezing. The best eco friendly cleaning products have only natural ingredients. Being allergic to such ingredients is extremely rare. Conventional cleaners are full of Volatile Organic Compounds. In the long term these can cause damage to your liver and kidneys.

Environmental Issues

When you use chemical to clean, they end up going down the drain or to landfill sites. This has a negative impact on the environment. Using the likes of baking soda for cleaning however will not harm you, the environment, or anything it comes in contact with if flushed away after being eco friendly cleaning products

Using the best eco friendly cleaning products also sets a good example to your family. Your children will follow in your footsteps, and every generation will become “green”.

If you have spent your whole life using chemical cleaners, then it can be difficult to ditch old habits. That’s where Eco Cleaning Bristol come in. When we come to your home or commercial property we can give you tips on cleaning and help you say goodbye to dangerous chemicals forever.

There are two main types of green cleaning products available. Those that you can buy in stores, and those you can make at home. You will find hundreds of recipes for green cleaning online and our blog is packed full of tips. Forget buying stain removers or bleach. With just the products you have at home you can get rid of stains, get your kitchen or bathroom really clean. Order a clean from our cleaners today and we will show you just how easy it is to get a home clean with only the very best eco friendly cleaning products.

Eco Cleaning Services : Advantages of Green Cleaning

When you order eco cleaning services from Eco Cleaning Bristol, you will be kind to the environment. You will have a clean home without the use of harsh chemicals. But, in between cleans it can be tempting to use chemicals in the home. So, why should you bin your chemical cleaners and go 100% green? Read on to find out why.

Green cleaning at home doesn’t mean only using vinegar, baking soda, and lemon. You can buy green cleaning products in your local supermarket too. Buying shop-bought products will put up the price of your cleaning bill, but it will avoid mess and not being sure if you have everything in the correct quantity. Green cleaning products bought in stores are as effective as harsh cleaners. So, the next time your drain is blocked, don’t rush out to buy chemical cleaning products.

Eco Cleaning Services : Safety First

Although you can take precautions with chemical cleaners like storing them out of reach of children, they are not as safe as green cleaning products. If you have pets or small children, your home should be chemical-free. Traditional cleaners often include toxic ingredients like ammonia that are not only harmful when accidently ingested, but can also cause irritation when you use them. Long term contact with chemical cleaning products can have lasting side effects. Homemade or store-bought green products are relatively harmless and contain enzymes, borax, baking soda, vinegar, and lemon.

eco cleaning services

When you choose eco cleaning services for your home, the products used will also be biodegradable. Chemical products even when flushed correctly can cause damage to fauna and flora and can also lead to skin irritation even when gloves are used. Green cleaning products will not harm your soil, or the ecosystem.

Green cleaning products cause less irritation. Irritation from chemical cleaning products includes both the skin as well as your respiratory system. When you swap chemicals for essential oils, your cleaning experience will become a pleasant one and allergies will become a thing of the past.

If you suffer from asthma or skin irritations then chemical cleaners should be banished from your home. They will cause irritation and make cleaning a chore that you never want to do. Unless you are allergic to essential oils, it is virtually impossible to be allergic to green cleaning products.

Shopping for Cleaning Products

When you shop for cleaning products you will be pleasantly surprised to find that green cleaning products are no longer extremely expensive. Just like the cost of organic food has fallen, so has the cost of organic cleaning products. There really is no need to store bleach or chemicals in the home. If you are experiencing bad smelling or blocked drains, order an extra clean from Eco Cleaning in Bristol. We can find the solution to your problem without the use of harsh chemicals. Contact us today to learn more about green products that you can buy or that you can make from scratch at home.


Cleaners in Bristol : Why Choose an Eco Cleaning Team

If you are thinking of employing cleaners Bristol has dozens of companies waiting to offer their services to you. You can choose from domestic or commercial cleaners depending on your property. But one thing you should really be considering is employing a green cleaning team. Below is a look at why you should employ green cleaners in Bristol for your domestic or commercial build.

Cleaners in Bristol : Reasons to Go Green

Being kinder to the environment has been in the news for decades. Green cleaning products and green cleaners Bristol are no longer more expensive than regular cleaning products. They promote a healthier home, and they ensure that only minimal waste is produced.

When you go green at home, you will no longer be absorbing harmful chemicals. When you use bleach and don’t open your windows, your eyes will sting and you will quickly feel unwell. So, imagine the harmful effect bleach and other chemicals have on your body, your children, and your pets. When you use chemical cleaners in the home, your chances of developing asthma are raised. Asthma is a chronic illness, and children and the elderly are the most affected.

cleaners in Bristol

Green Cleaners in Bristol for a Purer Environment

Not only do you suffer when you use chemical cleaners. The environment does too. Chemicals cleaners release harmful chemicals into the environment, and they contribute to ozone depletion. Decades of chemical use has contributed to global climate change, and many old-fashioned chemical cleaning products also produced smog.

Green cleaning products are also safer to use. Chemical burns and toxic inhalation are not possible when eco-friendly cleaning products are used. Green cleaning products also promote a better air quality. Natural essential oils used in green cleaning are even referred to as aromatherapy.

If you think that green cleaning products cannot cut through grease and grime, then you are wrong. Green cleaning products are natural, safe, and they are just as capable of cleaning as harsh chemicals. Before chemical cleaners were introduced into our homes, our kitchens and bathrooms were always clean and so were our clothes.

When choosing a cleaning team for your property, ensure you go green. Eco-friendly cleaning products are packaged in recycled materials, meaning that even the packaging is green. Using recycled packages helps control landfill sites from constantly overflowing.

Eco Cleaning Bristol use only green cleaning products. Our results show just how possible it is to get your home clean without having to use harmful chemicals. Our green cleaning team can tackle your floors, oven, industrial kitchen, or any area that you need cleaning. From regular cleans to end of lease cleans and deep cleaning, our team of experts are ready to prove to you that green cleaning makes sense. Our services are effective, they are competitively priced, and we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with the results. Contact our green cleaning team today to discuss your cleaning needs, and to say goodbye to harsh chemical cleaners from your property today.


Eco Friendly Cleaning Companies : Why Choose Green Cleaners for your Office

Eco friendly cleaning companies are gaining popularity by the day. Everyone is aware of how they should try and help the environment, and one way is to employ a green cleaning team at your office. If you are eco-friendly, then you will already be using recycled paper and returning ink cartridges when they are empty. You may separate your rubbish out into papers, plastic, and metals and food waste like you do at home. So, what else can you do? The answer is to employ a company like Eco Cleaning Bristol to your office. We can help you go greener than ever before.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Companies : Dispelling the Myths About Green Cleaning

When green cleaning products first came out, they were arguably more expensive than chemical cleaners. Some also were not as efficient at cutting through grime. In fact, in the past it was also more expensive to employ the services of a green cleaning team. Thankfully, times have changed, and going green not just at home but at work is the norm.

Benefits of Green Office Cleaning Bristol

There are many benefits of employing a green cleaning team to your Bristol office. If you run a large operation, then the carbon footprint left if you ignore all advice on the environment can be huge. Every time a chemical cleaning solution is flushed away, it will be damaging the soil below. When you choose green cleaning products from Eco Cleaning Bristol, you can rest assured that we will not harm the environment in any way.

Just like in the home, you may have certain staff members who suffer with respiratory problems such as asthma. The effects of asthma and attacks can be brought on when there are chemical cleaning residues left behind in your office. Chemicals are not just harmful to the elderly, babies, or those with respiratory problems. They have a marked negative effect on everyone who works in your office, yourself included.

eco friendly cleaning companies

When you choose green cleaning, you will be helping save the environment as well as promoting a healthy working environment for your staff members. A clean office promotes a good working atmosphere, and a green working environment goes that one step further.

Your Employees

It is important to educate your employees about green cleaning and how they too can do their bit to help the environment. Although we use our computers or mobile devices more and more for noting down things, we still use pen and paper. Encourage all staff members to use both sides of a piece of paper before throwing it away. Also, ensuring there is one bin for paper waste that is set aside from other waste that cannot be recycled.

In between visits from your eco friendly cleaning companies, you will want to keep on top of your office cleaning. This is another area we can help with. We can supply you with green cleaning supplies such as mops, cloths, and cleaning solutions. We can help you transform your office into a place that is totally green and free from nasty chemicals.

Green Cleaning in Bristol : Cleaning with Vinegar

Eco cleaning makes sense. Unlike chemical cleaners, green cleaning methods will use only natural methods, getting rid of dirt and grime in the same way but without harming the environment. One product that you will read about time and time again that is used in cleaning is white wine vinegar. Everyone has vinegar in the home, but when it comes to green cleaning, malt vinegar should be saved for your dinner. White wine vinegar is widely available in your local supermarket, and can be used for your green cleaning in Bristol and beyond.

Green Cleaning in Bristol : Cleaning your Kitchen with Vinegar

If you have young children or pets, cleaning with chemicals is not only harmful to the environment but also hazardous. If you don’t keep chemicals under your sink, you won’t have to worry about accidents happening. There are many areas of your kitchen that can be cleaned with white wine vinegar. Let’s start with your fridge.

green cleaning in Bristol

Green Cleaning in Bristol : Your Fridge

Over time your fridge can start to smell, most especially if it has been left unplugged with the door closed. As your fridge is where you store fresh food, it really is logical to keep chemicals well away from areas that will come in contact with food. White wine vinegar will get rid of spills in your fridge, with little or no effort. It you are worried about the smell in your fridge after, cut a lemon in half and leave it in the fridge. Lemon is a natural deodorizer.

Next, let’s move onto your drains. If your sink smells off, then don’t reach for a drain cleaner. Unless your sink is blocked, the nasty smell that is most noticeable in hot weather will be neutralized if you pour some vinegar down. Mixed with baking soda, you can create a chemical free drain cleaner that really works.

Your microwave can be cleaned in much the same way as your fridge, with white vinegar. But to do so, put a cup of vinegar and water mix in your microwave and wait until it starts to boil. Then open your microwave and all your food stains and spills will wipe away.

Cutting Boards and Stained Plastic Tubs

A cutting board may be clean, but if it is stained, you will think otherwise. Cutting boards will stain with some foods, just like plastic tubs. If you store a bolognaise sauce with a rich tomato content in a Tupperware dish, it will never look the same again. Soaking your tubs with a white vinegar mix will get them clean again; for cutting boards, spray them with white vinegar and rinse after a few minutes.

Lastly, let’s talk about your countertops. Depending on their colour and the material they are made from, overtime they can look dull, dirty, and stained. Once again, white wine vinegar can remove these stains without damaging the surface. Spray your surfaces with white wine vinegar, wait a few minutes, and wipe off.