More and more people nowadays choose to have parquet or tiled floors in their homes. But there are certain rooms in the house where there is no better feeling in the winter than having a rug under your feet. If you have carpets in the home, whether in the bedroom or living room, they need to be professionally cleaned periodically. Your Bristol domestic cleaners can take care of this for you, using wet vacuuming cleaning to get rid of all the dirt and bacteria that is underfoot.

Carpets are great for winter, but they are not the healthiest of options for your home. Dust from dead skin cells will be constantly trodden into your carpet, and let’s not forget about dirt from our shoes. If you have pets, then you can just start to imagine what may be in the pile of your carpet. Kids are also not carpet-friendly, with spills and stains being commonplace. It is very important to order a professional deep clean for your carpets to get rid of all the dirt and grime. But there are some things you can do to make sure your carpets stay cleaner.

Bristol Domestic Cleaners Carpet Cleaning Tips

Bristol domestic cleanersLight coloured carpets show dirt more easily. If you have children or pets you may have chosen a darker colour on purpose. But your carpet will be just as dirty, if not more so. It is very important that you regularly hoover your carpet. But remember, this will only get rid of dirt that is on the surface.

To keep your carpets cleaners for longer, try to avoid wearing shoes in the house. This is easy for bedroom carpets, but often not so practical for your lounge. A shorter pile carpet is easier to keep free from germs. Also, if you have a carpet in your lounge, try not to eat in the room. TV dinners are very convenient, but nothing beats actually sitting around a dining table with your family. Toddlers love to wander around with a sippy cup and a biscuit. But, if you have carpet in your lounge, you will be asking for trouble.

Spills on carpets are inevitable. So, what should you do if someone spills on the carpet? More to the point, what shouldn’t you do. Do not grab a wet cloth from the kitchen and start rubbing at the spill. You will spread the spill, and you will also add even more bacteria to your carpet than there was before.

Firstly, get some absorbent kitchen roll, and pat the stain as much as you can, bringing out of the moisture instead of locking it in. Depending on what has been spilled, you may choose to use salt or vinegar to try and lift out the stain. Salt is a fantastic way to get rid of wine stains from your carpet. Shake some salt onto the carpet and watch as it changes colour, as it absorbs the wine from your carpet. Don’t rub in stains, or leave them to dry. And when all else fails, call in your Bristol domestic cleaners for a deep carpet clean!

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