Eco Cleaning Bristol can provide you with contract cleaning Bristol based for all types of commercial premises. We specialise in office cleaning, builders cleans, end of tenancy cleans, to name but a few. Any type of commercial premise will benefit from contract cleaning. Our green cleaning team are affordable, flexible, and will provide you with a cleaning contract that fits you bespoke needs. Using a contract for cleaning makes sense. As a checklist will be drawn up, where tasks that are completed are marked off, both ourselves and you can keep track of your cleaning needs.

Contract Cleaning Bristol : Office Environments

How often you need your office cleaning will depend on how busy it is. The more foot traffic, the quicker it will get dirty. Our green cleaning contracts for offices can also include periodic cleaning for upholstery, as well as window cleaning services. Areas covered by our contract cleaning for offices include your entrance foyer, your bathrooms, and all communal areas.

Our green cleaning services also extend to schools, licensed premsies, and shops and stores. Busy establishements and venues can benefit from our daily contract cleaning. Once again, our services are flexible. Deep cleaning for carpets is also available. By supplying us with a checklist, we can be sure no area is forgotten about or left untouched. Our cleaning services will guarantee your premise will pass any on the spot health and hygiene inspection.

In the same way, our schools and education facilities cleaning service will meet the scrutiny of even the toughest Ofsted inspector. Our school cleaning contracts are flexible. They take into consideration holidays and periods when you will be closed. The school holidays are however the perfect opportunity to order a deep eco-clean. We can tackle areas that are not included in your daily cleaning contract.

These are just some examples of our contract cleaning Bristol based services. Whatever type of premise you own, we can provide a clean that is eco-friendly, and affordable. Contact us today for advice, and to discuss your indiviudal cleaning needs. Our services also extend to the  supply of green cleaning an janitoral supplies.