Renting out property can be a very lucrative business. Being a landlord however does not always come without its problems. One problem that is often encountered is when a tenancy ends. Even if the tenancy ends on good terms, the property will need to be cleaned professionally. On many occasions however, the property will be left dirty, or even abandoned. This is where your house cleaning in Bristol based experts can help you with an end of tenancy clean.

When it comes to dirt and grime, Eco Cleaning Bristol are not afraid to get dirty. Some end of tenancy cleans may look shocking on the surface; but with the professionals at hand to get cleaning underway straight away, your property can be ready to be let in just one day! Once all the rubbish has been removed from the property, it is easily to see the task that lies ahead. You may find that asides dirt and grime there are things broken in your property. When this is the case you will need to decide whether you will mend or replace the items before our team gets to work with the cleaning.

House Cleaning in Bristol : Deep Cleaning for your Property

house cleaning in BristolAn end of tenancy clean will involve deep cleaning. The bathroom and kitchen will be deep cleaned, ensuring that everything is germ free and ready for new tenants to move in. In the kitchen, an oven clean is an added extra that can be added to your clean. If you wish that the inside of your appliances are cleaned, this can be ordered at the time you make your checklist. Eco Cleaning are flexible in their cleaning approach; we can assess the property, and get to work with a checklist.

Your property may have been let furnished or unfurnished. In the case that you have carpets and upholstery, these will need to be steam cleaned. It is important to see that the property has no vermin such as rats, mice, or even fleas from animals. This is a job for a professional pest control team, and there is no better time to fumigate your property than when it is empty. If the tenants in your property were smokers, then smoke residue will be removed from painted surfaces as well as from around light switches. You may have had a strict no-smoking policy in your property, but unfortunately, your tenants may not have abided to it.

Walls and Paintings

If you have paintings hanging on the wall, then removing them will show just how much damage smoke does to your furniture and fittings. If you have wallpaper, you may consider removing it instead of having it washed down.

Getting your property ready for your new tenants is a job for your house cleaning in Bristol based experts. Trying to tackle the job yourself will waste your time, and each day that your property stands empty is potential rent money lost. So, call the experts today and pre-arrange an end of tenancy clean for the day your tenants are due to leave.

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