you employ professional cleaners Bristol based for your home or for your commercial premise, your cleaning checklist is equally important. When you use a contract clean with a checklist, no areas will be missed, and the standard of cleaning will always be the highest possible. In this article we will look at what to add to your checklist and how to organize the visits from your professional cleaners.

Professional Cleaners Bristol : What to Add to your Checklist

professional cleaners BristolWhen your professional cleaning team comes to your home or commercial premise, they need to know what needs cleaning. If they come on a regular basis, the same checklist can be used time and time again. Extras and one-off cleans can be added to the list, and all tick boxes will be used to ensure every area is cleaned.

A checklist sheet can contain a list of all the areas you need cleaning down one side. Then you in columns you can add ticks to indicate which areas need to be cleaned on each visit. It really is quite simple. At the top of your list you will have the date of the next visit, and a list prepared of areas to clean. Once the area has been cleaned, your professional cleaners Bristol can add a second tick or colour in the box, or indicate in another way that the area has been cleaned.

So, what should be on your checklist? For a residential property, your bathroom, kitchen, and windows will probably be your priority. In a commercial premise you may add keyboards, headsets, reception areas, office furniture, and more. Floors and furniture will need to be cleaned on each visit. If you find other areas where you require a deep clean, simply add them to the bottom of your checklist. For example, upholstery can steam cleaned once a month, or perhaps less frequently, depending on how dirty it gets.

Why Use a Checklist

Although your professional cleaners in Bristol know all about cleaning, a checklist will ensure that there is no breakdown in communication. When cleaning a home they will clean the same areas each week. But let’s say your child spilled chocolate on the carpet and you can’t get rid of the stain. Or you want pet hairs removed from upholstery. These are added extras that you won’t require on each visit.

A professional cleaning service will always use a checklist. Especially is the case for office cleaning, where a contract will be drawn up. But when you choose Eco Cleaning in Bristol as your professional cleaning team, you will enjoy not just professional but also flexible cleaning. We love a challenge, and are flexible to your weekly or daily needs. Perhaps you own a rented property and you require a one-off end of tenancy clean. Here at Eco Cleaning Bristol we love getting our hands dirty and can get to work cleaning all types of premises from small flats to large industrial units.

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