Running a busy office comes with responsibility, and this doesn’t just include ensuring your employees work efficiently. It also means ensuring your office space is always clean and tidy. A bright and clean office is attractive to potential clients, and it ensures a positive work attitude from your staff members. Your Bristol office cleaning specialists can provide you with a service that will ensure your work space is always clean and tidy. So what should you include in your cleaning contract from your cleaning experts?

Bristol Office Cleaning : Windows, Floors, and Morebristol office cleaning

When you choose a contract cleaning from Eco Cleaning in Bristol, we guarantee you an eco-friendly clean for your office. We also offer a flexible cleaning service. What this means is that asides your cleaning contract, you can order a one-off deep clean or end of lease clean, or ask for an extra window clean after bad weather. Our services are flexible and affordable, and we like to meet with you to discuss just what to include in your cleaning contract, and the frequency of your cleaning.

Windows are a very important area. The outside of your office is the first thing visitors and potential clients will see when they visit you. Dirty windows, streaky windows, or cobwebs will give an instant bad impression about you, your business, and what you do. Unlike other areas of your office that you may need cleaning once or twice a week, window cleaning is advisable weekly or bi-monthly.  

Bristol Office Cleaning : The Interior of your Office

If your office is dull and dusty, you are harming your business and its profitability. Regardless of whether you invite clients to see you daily or not, you need to keep all areas of your office clean. You can help keep your office area clean in between cleans by ensuring your employees clean their own individual work areas at the end of each working day, and empty bins. There is nothing worse than a desk that is covered in papers, personal effects, and an overflowing bin.

Our eco cleaning services will ensure your floors, upholstery, communal areas, and furnishings are always spotlessly clean. If you have carpets on the floor, an industrial clean once every few months will get rid of stains from coffee and other spills.

Communal areas should also be kept clean and tidy at all times. These include your reception are, communal hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms. If you are responsible for the upkeep of exterior areas of your office, these can also be included in your contract from your Bristol office cleaning team.

The cleanliness of your office is extremely important, as is your own personal appearance. When people come to visit you they will instantly take notice of a dirty reception, stained carpets, and an office that is untidy. A clean office is a productive office, and a green office cleaned with only eco-friendly products from Eco Cleaning will give you the leading edge over your competitors you need.


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