Eco friendly cleaning services are widely available nowadays. Everyone knows that we should go green as much as possible. But what exactly is green cleaning? Read on to find out what make a cleaning service eco-friendly and what sets it apart from traditional non-environmentally cleaning that some companies still use.

Advantages of Eco Friendly Cleaning Services

There are many advantages of using an eco-friendly cleaning service. Asides your responsibility to the environment, green cleaning is safer and combats air pollution. Indoor air quality can be harmed through the use of chemical cleaners. Harsh chemicals used for cleaning also include hazardous ingredients. Ammonia and bleach are just two of these. Both of these can be toxic to pets and children, and when not disposed of correctly they can also harm flora and fauna.

eco friendly cleaning services

A switch away from chemical-based cleaning saves natural oil resources. Using natural chemicals instead of man-made ones is one important thing that all eco-friendly cleaning services should be doing.  Chemicals used in green cleaning need to meet specific ISO standards.


At home there are many things you can do to protect the environment yourself. These include using lemon or vinegar for cleaning instead of shop-bought cleaning products. Plant-based cleaning products are also “green” and are so friendly to the environment that they are edible. Coconut oil is a favourite edible cleaning solution.

Why Order Eco Friendly Cleaning Services for your Home

If you have heard that natural cleaning products are not as effective at cleaning, you have been misinformed. Green cleaning products are just as capable of getting your home clean and should be cleaned wherever possible. You can read up online to see the wide range of cleaning products available that are used by your green cleaning team.

Employing a green cleaning service is not just environmentally-friendly. It also reduces health risks that are associated with traditional cleaning products. Most especially, if you have pets or young children, you should not use or store harsh chemicals in and around the home. If you are worried about your small children getting their hands on bleach or other chemical cleaners, then don’t store them out of their reach. Instead, swap your harsh chemical products for natural cleaning solutions.

Eco friendly cleaning services can be ordered for your home or for your commercial premise. Green cleaning is powerful and cuts through grease and grime just like traditional cleaners. Even the toughest areas to clean like your oven or limescale in your bathroom can be tackled with green cleaning products.

Green cleaning products are no longer overpriced like they were when they were first introduced. It is now possible to stock up on green cleaning products or order an eco-clean from your local Bristol specialists without having to worry about the cost. Eco cleaning is the future of cleaning, providing products that effectively clean your home whilst staying kind to the environment and the health of you and your family.


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