Natural Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

You’ve probably heard about all the problems with the atmosphere. The sad thing is that many individuals pay it no mind. They simply continue to go on with their lives with the belied that someone else will do something about it. Sure, the glaciers at the poles are melting. And we all know that they help to regulate the temperature of the planet, but who cares? The fact of the matter is that not just one person or group of people can make a change. To make a change, we need everyone as a whole. Using natural eco friendly cleaning products is one way to make a change in the earth’s atmosphere.

Natural Eco Friendy Cleaning ProductsNatural Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Not only is using green cleaners an excellent way to make a statement. It’s also a great way to protect the health of yourself and your family. Cleaning products usually contain chemicals. Chemiclas such as ammonia, formaldehyde, styrene, and volatile organic compounds. Eventually, constant usage of man made cleaning products can lead to disease. Especially the one that everyone seems to be getting – cancer – and it’s no wonder why.

The majority of chemicals found in household cleaners are considered carcinogens. If you take a good look around your home, it’s likely that you’ll find dangerous chemicals in all your cleaning products. Also you will find chemicals within every other product you use on your hair and skin. Carcinogens can cause cancer after prolonged usage. All the warnings are there. But people simply do not think about it. Nor do they want to because it seems too much to take in, but it’s the reality of using chemical products.

Chemicals Are Harmful

When you clean using chemicals, they enter into your bloodstream through your nose and through your skin. Over time, it’s easy to become infected with all types of disease. These include heart disease, lung disease, and thyroid disease. You might notice that after a long day of cleaning your house you feel lightheaded, stuffy, dizzy, and evendisoriented. The reason is because you’ve literally huffed an entire bottle of deadly chemicals. Who wouldn’t feel bad?

Using natural eco friendly cleaning products is a great way to protect your family and to protect the environment you live in. Sure, the chemical cleaning factories will continue to produce these products and put them out on the shelves because they sell and people buy them. Why do they sell? Because they’re right there in your face and convenient to pick up and you don’t think about what you are purchasing. They’re also relatively cheap. It’s a fantastic deal, so people keep purchasing them and continue to harm the environment. Do the companies of these products know what the chemicals are doing to people? Absolutely, but as long as they’re making money, it doesn’t matter.

If you use green cleaners, you’re likely to feel a better. Not only should you use green cleaners, but you should also switch to natural cosmetic products in the bathroom. Your soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and face creams are all a part of your daily cleaning routine.Natural eco friendly cleaning products can be found just about everywhere these days, even at your local grocery store so there is no excuse not to stock up!

Best Eco Cleaning Products : Alternatives to Bleach

When it comes to cleaning, it is all too easy to pick up a bottle of bleach from the supermarket. But, as you know, bleach is full of nasty chemicals and harmful to the environment. If you have ever used bleach in a confined space with no airflow, you will know just how much it hurts our eyes and airways. Breathing in harsh fumes should be a big no-no. Bleach should not even be classed a cleaner; it is full of poisonous chemicals. In this article we are going to look at the best eco cleaning products that are natural alternatives to bleach.

Best Eco Cleaning Products : Vinegar

Vinegar used to be something you put on your chips. It then became something to make sauces and marinades with. Nowadays, everyone still has vinegar in the home, but often not for use with food. Vinegar is an all-purpose cleaner that contains a natural mild disinfectant. It leaves your countertops and walls clean and shiny, and to get rid of the powerful smell, mix it with some washing up liquid or soap in a spray bottle. The perfect all-purpose cleaner in a bottle for you home, for almost all surfaces.

Best eco cleaning products

Lemon Juice

Another of the best eco cleaning products that you will have at home is lemon juice. This could be a jiffy lemon you buy, or you could squeeze your own lemon for an even more natural product. Lemon juice is perfect for cleaning and disinfecting areas that have become stained such as your drains and cutting boards. For best results, use a natural lemon, cut in half for your chopping board. Pour lemon juice, either fresh, or pre-packed, down the drain for a fresher smell that is also a natural disinfectant.

Natural Soap

A natural soap that is great for green cleaning is vegetable-based castile soap. It can be added to almost all of your homemade cleaners, and when mixed with hot water it is perfect for floors and countertops. The smell of castile soap is refreshing and when used on floors will make your home smell lovely.

Next up, let’s talk about Borax. An American brand, it can be found under other names in hardware stores. Borax is often used in conjunction with laundry detergent to get rid of stains, or for cleaning sinks and toilets.

Tea Tree Oil

No home should be without some tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is natural and is often used in pine scented cleaners. Used in its natural state, tea tree oil is a disinfectant and will leave your home smelling perfect.

These are just a few ways to banish bleach from your home. Bleach is a dangerous chemical and it should never be used in confined spaces. It is harmful to your pets, young children, and to yourself. So try some of these natural alternatives and discover just how easy it is to keep your home smelling fresh and clean without having to reach for a bottle of bleach.


Bristol Domestic Cleaners : Carpet Cleaning Tips

More and more people nowadays choose to have parquet or tiled floors in their homes. But there are certain rooms in the house where there is no better feeling in the winter than having a rug under your feet. If you have carpets in the home, whether in the bedroom or living room, they need to be professionally cleaned periodically. Your Bristol domestic cleaners can take care of this for you, using wet vacuuming cleaning to get rid of all the dirt and bacteria that is underfoot.

Carpets are great for winter, but they are not the healthiest of options for your home. Dust from dead skin cells will be constantly trodden into your carpet, and let’s not forget about dirt from our shoes. If you have pets, then you can just start to imagine what may be in the pile of your carpet. Kids are also not carpet-friendly, with spills and stains being commonplace. It is very important to order a professional deep clean for your carpets to get rid of all the dirt and grime. But there are some things you can do to make sure your carpets stay cleaner.

Bristol Domestic Cleaners Carpet Cleaning Tips

Bristol domestic cleanersLight coloured carpets show dirt more easily. If you have children or pets you may have chosen a darker colour on purpose. But your carpet will be just as dirty, if not more so. It is very important that you regularly hoover your carpet. But remember, this will only get rid of dirt that is on the surface.

To keep your carpets cleaners for longer, try to avoid wearing shoes in the house. This is easy for bedroom carpets, but often not so practical for your lounge. A shorter pile carpet is easier to keep free from germs. Also, if you have a carpet in your lounge, try not to eat in the room. TV dinners are very convenient, but nothing beats actually sitting around a dining table with your family. Toddlers love to wander around with a sippy cup and a biscuit. But, if you have carpet in your lounge, you will be asking for trouble.

Spills on carpets are inevitable. So, what should you do if someone spills on the carpet? More to the point, what shouldn’t you do. Do not grab a wet cloth from the kitchen and start rubbing at the spill. You will spread the spill, and you will also add even more bacteria to your carpet than there was before.

Firstly, get some absorbent kitchen roll, and pat the stain as much as you can, bringing out of the moisture instead of locking it in. Depending on what has been spilled, you may choose to use salt or vinegar to try and lift out the stain. Salt is a fantastic way to get rid of wine stains from your carpet. Shake some salt onto the carpet and watch as it changes colour, as it absorbs the wine from your carpet. Don’t rub in stains, or leave them to dry. And when all else fails, call in your Bristol domestic cleaners for a deep carpet clean!

House Cleaning in Bristol : End of Tenancy Cleans

Renting out property can be a very lucrative business. Being a landlord however does not always come without its problems. One problem that is often encountered is when a tenancy ends. Even if the tenancy ends on good terms, the property will need to be cleaned professionally. On many occasions however, the property will be left dirty, or even abandoned. This is where your house cleaning in Bristol based experts can help you with an end of tenancy clean.

When it comes to dirt and grime, Eco Cleaning Bristol are not afraid to get dirty. Some end of tenancy cleans may look shocking on the surface; but with the professionals at hand to get cleaning underway straight away, your property can be ready to be let in just one day! Once all the rubbish has been removed from the property, it is easily to see the task that lies ahead. You may find that asides dirt and grime there are things broken in your property. When this is the case you will need to decide whether you will mend or replace the items before our team gets to work with the cleaning.

House Cleaning in Bristol : Deep Cleaning for your Property

house cleaning in BristolAn end of tenancy clean will involve deep cleaning. The bathroom and kitchen will be deep cleaned, ensuring that everything is germ free and ready for new tenants to move in. In the kitchen, an oven clean is an added extra that can be added to your clean. If you wish that the inside of your appliances are cleaned, this can be ordered at the time you make your checklist. Eco Cleaning are flexible in their cleaning approach; we can assess the property, and get to work with a checklist.

Your property may have been let furnished or unfurnished. In the case that you have carpets and upholstery, these will need to be steam cleaned. It is important to see that the property has no vermin such as rats, mice, or even fleas from animals. This is a job for a professional pest control team, and there is no better time to fumigate your property than when it is empty. If the tenants in your property were smokers, then smoke residue will be removed from painted surfaces as well as from around light switches. You may have had a strict no-smoking policy in your property, but unfortunately, your tenants may not have abided to it.

Walls and Paintings

If you have paintings hanging on the wall, then removing them will show just how much damage smoke does to your furniture and fittings. If you have wallpaper, you may consider removing it instead of having it washed down.

Getting your property ready for your new tenants is a job for your house cleaning in Bristol based experts. Trying to tackle the job yourself will waste your time, and each day that your property stands empty is potential rent money lost. So, call the experts today and pre-arrange an end of tenancy clean for the day your tenants are due to leave.

Cleaners in Bristol UK : For Cleaner and Greener Homes

If you are a busy mother who juggles work and family life, you may not have time to clean your own home. This is nothing to be ashamed of. As a hard-working mother, you deserve the luxury of being able to call in cleaners in Bristol UK for the job at hand. When you use the services of professional domestic cleaners in Bristol, you house will become cleaner and healthier too.

Cleaners in Bristol UK : Your Cleaning Checklist

cleaners in Bristol UKWhen you are going to order a professional clean from cleaners in Bristol UK it is important to use a checklist. This means that no areas will be left out, and your home will be spotless at all times. Let’s start in the kitchen. Here it is important to banish your cupboards of nasty chemical cleaners. Bleach and chemical cleaners can damage your respiratory tract, and are especially dangerous for small children, pets, and the elderly.

Eco Cleaning in Bristol use only green cleaning supplies, and provide you with all the tips and advice you need to ensure your home is a green one. You may be surprised to learn that a lot of household items you have can be used for cleaning; these include white vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda.

In the kitchen it is important to keep all areas clean and free from germs. Your cleaners in Bristol will do this by using antibacterial cleaning agents to wipe all surfaces, splashbacks, and the outside of your appliances. The inside of your fridge, microwave, and cooker should be cleaned by yourself, although you may be able to order a special oven cleaning service. The floor in your kitchen needs to be cleaned, and your rubbish bin should be disinfected each time you change the bin bag.


The two areas of your home that are the hardest to clean are your kitchen and your bathroom. Your bathroom should also be on your cleaning checklist. Here you will be shown tips from your cleaners in Bristol on how to combat germs, mould, and mildew. If you knew how many germs are present on your bathroom sponge or facecloth, you would know how important it is to keep things disinfected.

Other areas of your home that you should include on your checklist are the bedrooms, lounge, dining room, and hallways. Here all skirting boards will be cleaned, as will floors, furniture, and surfaces. Door handles are another favourite place for germs to be lurking. Your bathroom door handle is one of the worst, but all door knobs should be cleaned with disinfectant wipes.

Keeping your home clean in-between visits from your professional cleaners in Bristol is essential. You can do this by brushing and mopping your kitchen floors, and mopping up spills immediately. In the bathroom, always ensure to open the window when you finish showering to prevent dampness. Lastly, take a hard look at your bathroom and kitchen sponges, and make sure you replace them regularly, and keep them disinfected at all times.

Professional Cleaners Bristol : Your Cleaning Checklist

you employ professional cleaners Bristol based for your home or for your commercial premise, your cleaning checklist is equally important. When you use a contract clean with a checklist, no areas will be missed, and the standard of cleaning will always be the highest possible. In this article we will look at what to add to your checklist and how to organize the visits from your professional cleaners.

Professional Cleaners Bristol : What to Add to your Checklist

professional cleaners BristolWhen your professional cleaning team comes to your home or commercial premise, they need to know what needs cleaning. If they come on a regular basis, the same checklist can be used time and time again. Extras and one-off cleans can be added to the list, and all tick boxes will be used to ensure every area is cleaned.

A checklist sheet can contain a list of all the areas you need cleaning down one side. Then you in columns you can add ticks to indicate which areas need to be cleaned on each visit. It really is quite simple. At the top of your list you will have the date of the next visit, and a list prepared of areas to clean. Once the area has been cleaned, your professional cleaners Bristol can add a second tick or colour in the box, or indicate in another way that the area has been cleaned.

So, what should be on your checklist? For a residential property, your bathroom, kitchen, and windows will probably be your priority. In a commercial premise you may add keyboards, headsets, reception areas, office furniture, and more. Floors and furniture will need to be cleaned on each visit. If you find other areas where you require a deep clean, simply add them to the bottom of your checklist. For example, upholstery can steam cleaned once a month, or perhaps less frequently, depending on how dirty it gets.

Why Use a Checklist

Although your professional cleaners in Bristol know all about cleaning, a checklist will ensure that there is no breakdown in communication. When cleaning a home they will clean the same areas each week. But let’s say your child spilled chocolate on the carpet and you can’t get rid of the stain. Or you want pet hairs removed from upholstery. These are added extras that you won’t require on each visit.

A professional cleaning service will always use a checklist. Especially is the case for office cleaning, where a contract will be drawn up. But when you choose Eco Cleaning in Bristol as your professional cleaning team, you will enjoy not just professional but also flexible cleaning. We love a challenge, and are flexible to your weekly or daily needs. Perhaps you own a rented property and you require a one-off end of tenancy clean. Here at Eco Cleaning Bristol we love getting our hands dirty and can get to work cleaning all types of premises from small flats to large industrial units.

Eco Cleaning Bristol : Deep Cleaning Bristol’s Bathrooms and Kitchens

When it comes to modern day cleaning, there should be no nasty abrasive cleaners or chemicals involved. Eco Cleaning Bristol based specialists use only green cleaning products for all cleans; that includes our deep cleaning services too. No kitchen or bathroom is too dirty or grimy for our team of experts. Read on to find out what we can deep clean for you today.

Eco Cleaning Bristol : Kitchen

eco cleaning BristolYour kitchen is a room that is constantly getting dirty and an uphill battle to keep clean. Having a dishwasher helps, but you will still need to ensure that all your walls, countertops and appliances stay clean. How dirty your kitchen and appliances get depends on how often you cook, and what you cook. If you don’t cook often or only prepare microwave meals and cold meals, there won’t be much grease or grime around. But most families, even ones who love their takeaways fry food in their kitchens on a daily basis.

When you order a deep clean from Eco Cleaning Bristol for your kitchen we will tackle all areas, including those that you may not think of. We will get to work cleaning your appliances, counters, hob and wall, your cabinets and microwave, and ensure your fridge is cleaned with antibacterial products on the outside. We can also get to work cleaning your extractor fan; this is not a job that you will want to tackle yourself. You will be amazed at the difference a deep clean of your kitchen can make, and just how quickly we get the job done. Grease will turn your white tiles a yellowish colour, but you will not notice until we get them clean again!


The second hardest room to clean in the home is the bathroom. But once again, Eco Cleaning Bristol has no problems delivering the very best results with only green cleaning products. A bathroom is a damp place, and when not ventilated adequately, it will quickly go mouldy too. You may first notice your silicone around your tub going black or perhaps the grout between your tiles.

Our bathroom deep cleaning uses only non-abrasive and eco-friendly cleaning products. We will get to work cleaning your tub, shower, toilet, and sink. We can also bring old and dirty chrome and taps back to life. Our bathroom cleaning regime includes antibacterial cleaning products, ensuring that all germ and spores of mould are banished and will not return.

Ordering a deep clean from Eco Cleaning Bristol will ensure that your kitchen and bathroom are restored to their former glory. Once clean, a weekly visit from our green cleaning team will ensure that they stay clean for longer. All that you need to do is ensure you clean the inside of your cupboards and fridges, making sure you dispose of out of date food. In your bathroom, ensure you ventilate your room after you take a shower or bath to prevent dampness and the possibility of mould returning.

Eco Friendly Cleaners : For Green Homes and Offices

We live in a world where we are taught from a very early age to be kind to the environment. This early learning has over time changed the way we think, and the way we clean our homes. In the past, a clean home was one that had a cupboard stocked with chemicals and a smell of detergent and bleach in the kitchen.  The modern-day approach used by eco friendly cleaners is thankfully very different. Green homes and green offices don’t need chemicals, and they certainly should not smell of bleach.

Eco Friendly Cleaners for Green Offices

eco friendly cleanersIf you run an office, even if it’s just a small one, it is important to leave the cleaning duties to a professional team. Eco friendly cleaners for your office can be contracted to visit daily, weekly, or even bi-monthly. The frequency of visits and the jobs carried out will depend on how busy your office is and its situation. For example, windows will need cleaning much more frequently if your office is on a main road as opposed to inside a shopping or commercial centre.

Office cleaning duties carried out by your green cleaning team will include cleaning the floors, furniture, and communal areas. All cleaning will be carried out using only eco-friendly cleaning products. If you currently have chemical cleaners in your janitor’s store, it’s time to get rid of them. Chemical cleaners can be responsible for many sick days your staff takes. Allergies and asthma are just two results of chemicals being left in the air after cleaning.  

Green Cleaning for Modern Homes

Your home is no different from your office environment when it comes to cleaning. Although your home will not be on view to the public every day, you should always keep on top of your cleaning. This can seem tricky when you have young kids, pets, and work full or part time. So, allow your green cleaning Bristol based experts take the strain for you. Once again, chemicals are not necessary, and are very harmful to your pets and kids.

Employing a cleaner to your home is not laziness. It makes sense. When you employ a cleaning team once a week, things will never get out of hand. On the other hand, if you keep putting off the cleaning, it will eventually come to the stage where you need to order a one off clean that will be time-consuming and expensive. Employing a cleaner is not laziness, and anyone who tells you that it is could actually just be envious!

Whether it is your home or your office environment that needs cleaning, it’s important to use on eco friendly cleaners and equipment. Green cleaning products are no longer more expensive, and many cleaning solutions can be made from household products. Ask advice from your green cleaning team on their next visit about how to use vinegar, lemon, salt, and other products you have in your pantry for keeping your home extra clean.

House Cleaning Bristol : Tips for Going Green

A happy and healthy home is a green home, and the same goes for your cleaning supplies. If you use nasty chemicals for cleaning at home you could be putting the health of your family at risk. In this article your house cleaning Bristol based experts Eco Cleaning will advise you on how to ensure that your home really is a green one.

If you use the services of house cleaning Bristol experts, all products used in cleaning will be eco friendly. This makes for a green home. But, you will still have your own products that you use in the home in-between cleans. Take a look under your kitchen sink and for sure you will find chemical cleaners and a bottle of bleach. Both of these need to be banished from your home.

house cleaning BristolHouse Cleaning Bristol : Getting Rid of Harmful Chemicals

If you use bleach for cleaning, you will know all too well how it irritates your eyes and airways. Now imagine how bleach will affect your baby, elderly relative, or your household pets that are constantly on the floor that you may mop with bleach. No home needs bleach, and if you store it, you are putting your family at risk.

Chemical cleaners are also very dangerous. You may think that there is no way to get your oven clean without chemicals, or your ceramic hob. But, you would be wrong. There are plenty of natural alternatives available, many that you can make from your own household materials that will do the same job that chemical cleaners do.

A green home is one that uses only natural cleaning products, but also takes further steps to ensure it really is eco-friendly. Asides your cleaning equipment, take a look at your washing powder, your hair and skin products, and anything else you may have in an aerosol can.

Energy Efficient Homes

Green homes need to be not just free from chemical cleaners, but also energy efficient. Your new electrical appliances should have energy ratings on them, as will your actual home. Running old fashioned appliances take a lot more energy, and will produce elevated electric bills. Where at all possible, start to replace your appliances. One thing you can replace straight away if you haven’t yet are your light bulbs. Energy-saving light bulbs are widely available in all stores.

These are just a few tips on turning your house into a green home. When you call on the services of your house cleaning Bristol team, we can provide you with more tips as well as green cleaning recipes. We love to share our knowledge with you and love to spread our news. With just a few household ingredients, you can keep your house clean until our next visit, without harming the environment. If you still have chemicals and bleach stored under your sink, it’s time to make a change. Call us today to arrange your first domestic cleaning visit, and to learn what you can do to make your home eco-friendly.

Domestic Cleaners in Bristol for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Keeping on top of your cleaning can be a challenge; especially if you have young children or pets, or both. Perhaps you work full time and commute, leaving you little time to clean your house. Whichever your reason, the two areas of your home that will need the most attention from your domestic cleaners in Bristol are your kitchen and bathroom.

A quick dust around your home or vacuum takes just minutes. On the surface of things your home may look clean. But, the reality may be different. The wall behind your hob may be greasy and grimy, and your microwave may be full of splatters. These are things that you won’t spot immediately, and therefore will forget about. When you use a domestic cleaner for your bathroom and kitchen, all areas will be cleaned to perfection.

domestic cleaners in BristolDomestic Cleaners in Bristol for Kitchens

How dirty your kitchen is will depend on how often you cook. If you eat a lot of takeaways or eat at work, then your kitchen may stay quite clean. But, all your appliances and countertops should be wiped down and disinfected. The wall behind your cooker will need cleaning after each time you cook to avoid the buildup of grease and grime. Your domestic cleaners will provide a bespoke service, cleaning your cabinets on the outside, and your appliances, leaving you only the job of cleaning inside your fridge and oven.

Your kitchen sink will also be cleaned by your domestic cleaners in Bristol, as will the window above the sink if you have one. By wiping around and disinfecting all areas, your kitchen will be free from dirt and germs. A once a week clean is perfect for most households. And the visit will be combined with bathroom and living area cleaning.


Your domestic cleaners in Bristol will also clean your bathroom. The room you use to get clean actually gets dirty very quickly. Your bath or shower will be cleaned, along with your sinks and toilet. Mirrors will be cleaned, and chrome will be polished. Your shower head and pipes will be cleaned with non-abrasive cleaning materials. Depending on the area you live in, you may suffer from the buildup of limescale, in the same way your will find in your kettle. Once again, antibacterial cleaning products will be used to wipe over all areas, ensuring that everything is germ free.

If you are a busy mum or dad, or just don’t like cleaning, allowing your cleaners in Bristol to handle your cleaning needs for you. The length of each visit will depend on how big your house is and if you want all areas cleaning or just some. Your kitchen and bathrooms are really important areas when it comes to cleaning. They are the places where you will see the buildup of germs and bacteria. Left untreated, they can become a hazard zone for you and your family. Eco Cleaning Bristol can also provide you will green cleaning recipes, and tips for in-between our visits.