When it comes to modern day cleaning, there should be no nasty abrasive cleaners or chemicals involved. Eco Cleaning Bristol based specialists use only green cleaning products for all cleans; that includes our deep cleaning services too. No kitchen or bathroom is too dirty or grimy for our team of experts. Read on to find out what we can deep clean for you today.

Eco Cleaning Bristol : Kitchen

eco cleaning BristolYour kitchen is a room that is constantly getting dirty and an uphill battle to keep clean. Having a dishwasher helps, but you will still need to ensure that all your walls, countertops and appliances stay clean. How dirty your kitchen and appliances get depends on how often you cook, and what you cook. If you don’t cook often or only prepare microwave meals and cold meals, there won’t be much grease or grime around. But most families, even ones who love their takeaways fry food in their kitchens on a daily basis.

When you order a deep clean from Eco Cleaning Bristol for your kitchen we will tackle all areas, including those that you may not think of. We will get to work cleaning your appliances, counters, hob and wall, your cabinets and microwave, and ensure your fridge is cleaned with antibacterial products on the outside. We can also get to work cleaning your extractor fan; this is not a job that you will want to tackle yourself. You will be amazed at the difference a deep clean of your kitchen can make, and just how quickly we get the job done. Grease will turn your white tiles a yellowish colour, but you will not notice until we get them clean again!


The second hardest room to clean in the home is the bathroom. But once again, Eco Cleaning Bristol has no problems delivering the very best results with only green cleaning products. A bathroom is a damp place, and when not ventilated adequately, it will quickly go mouldy too. You may first notice your silicone around your tub going black or perhaps the grout between your tiles.

Our bathroom deep cleaning uses only non-abrasive and eco-friendly cleaning products. We will get to work cleaning your tub, shower, toilet, and sink. We can also bring old and dirty chrome and taps back to life. Our bathroom cleaning regime includes antibacterial cleaning products, ensuring that all germ and spores of mould are banished and will not return.

Ordering a deep clean from Eco Cleaning Bristol will ensure that your kitchen and bathroom are restored to their former glory. Once clean, a weekly visit from our green cleaning team will ensure that they stay clean for longer. All that you need to do is ensure you clean the inside of your cupboards and fridges, making sure you dispose of out of date food. In your bathroom, ensure you ventilate your room after you take a shower or bath to prevent dampness and the possibility of mould returning.

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