We live in a world where we are taught from a very early age to be kind to the environment. This early learning has over time changed the way we think, and the way we clean our homes. In the past, a clean home was one that had a cupboard stocked with chemicals and a smell of detergent and bleach in the kitchen.  The modern-day approach used by eco friendly cleaners is thankfully very different. Green homes and green offices don’t need chemicals, and they certainly should not smell of bleach.

Eco Friendly Cleaners for Green Offices

eco friendly cleanersIf you run an office, even if it’s just a small one, it is important to leave the cleaning duties to a professional team. Eco friendly cleaners for your office can be contracted to visit daily, weekly, or even bi-monthly. The frequency of visits and the jobs carried out will depend on how busy your office is and its situation. For example, windows will need cleaning much more frequently if your office is on a main road as opposed to inside a shopping or commercial centre.

Office cleaning duties carried out by your green cleaning team will include cleaning the floors, furniture, and communal areas. All cleaning will be carried out using only eco-friendly cleaning products. If you currently have chemical cleaners in your janitor’s store, it’s time to get rid of them. Chemical cleaners can be responsible for many sick days your staff takes. Allergies and asthma are just two results of chemicals being left in the air after cleaning.  

Green Cleaning for Modern Homes

Your home is no different from your office environment when it comes to cleaning. Although your home will not be on view to the public every day, you should always keep on top of your cleaning. This can seem tricky when you have young kids, pets, and work full or part time. So, allow your green cleaning Bristol based experts take the strain for you. Once again, chemicals are not necessary, and are very harmful to your pets and kids.

Employing a cleaner to your home is not laziness. It makes sense. When you employ a cleaning team once a week, things will never get out of hand. On the other hand, if you keep putting off the cleaning, it will eventually come to the stage where you need to order a one off clean that will be time-consuming and expensive. Employing a cleaner is not laziness, and anyone who tells you that it is could actually just be envious!

Whether it is your home or your office environment that needs cleaning, it’s important to use on eco friendly cleaners and equipment. Green cleaning products are no longer more expensive, and many cleaning solutions can be made from household products. Ask advice from your green cleaning team on their next visit about how to use vinegar, lemon, salt, and other products you have in your pantry for keeping your home extra clean.

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