Keeping on top of your cleaning can be a challenge; especially if you have young children or pets, or both. Perhaps you work full time and commute, leaving you little time to clean your house. Whichever your reason, the two areas of your home that will need the most attention from your domestic cleaners in Bristol are your kitchen and bathroom.

A quick dust around your home or vacuum takes just minutes. On the surface of things your home may look clean. But, the reality may be different. The wall behind your hob may be greasy and grimy, and your microwave may be full of splatters. These are things that you won’t spot immediately, and therefore will forget about. When you use a domestic cleaner for your bathroom and kitchen, all areas will be cleaned to perfection.

domestic cleaners in BristolDomestic Cleaners in Bristol for Kitchens

How dirty your kitchen is will depend on how often you cook. If you eat a lot of takeaways or eat at work, then your kitchen may stay quite clean. But, all your appliances and countertops should be wiped down and disinfected. The wall behind your cooker will need cleaning after each time you cook to avoid the buildup of grease and grime. Your domestic cleaners will provide a bespoke service, cleaning your cabinets on the outside, and your appliances, leaving you only the job of cleaning inside your fridge and oven.

Your kitchen sink will also be cleaned by your domestic cleaners in Bristol, as will the window above the sink if you have one. By wiping around and disinfecting all areas, your kitchen will be free from dirt and germs. A once a week clean is perfect for most households. And the visit will be combined with bathroom and living area cleaning.


Your domestic cleaners in Bristol will also clean your bathroom. The room you use to get clean actually gets dirty very quickly. Your bath or shower will be cleaned, along with your sinks and toilet. Mirrors will be cleaned, and chrome will be polished. Your shower head and pipes will be cleaned with non-abrasive cleaning materials. Depending on the area you live in, you may suffer from the buildup of limescale, in the same way your will find in your kettle. Once again, antibacterial cleaning products will be used to wipe over all areas, ensuring that everything is germ free.

If you are a busy mum or dad, or just don’t like cleaning, allowing your cleaners in Bristol to handle your cleaning needs for you. The length of each visit will depend on how big your house is and if you want all areas cleaning or just some. Your kitchen and bathrooms are really important areas when it comes to cleaning. They are the places where you will see the buildup of germs and bacteria. Left untreated, they can become a hazard zone for you and your family. Eco Cleaning Bristol can also provide you will green cleaning recipes, and tips for in-between our visits.


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