Ordering a domestic clean from your green cleaning experts is just one stage of turning you home into an eco-friendly one. Asides using a green cleaning team you should stock up on eco friendly cleaning supplies for in-between visits from your cleaners. It is easy to go green at home. With advice from Eco Cleaning Bristol, you can quickly banish your home from harmful cleaning products and outdated cleaning methods.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Supplies : Kitchen

eco friendly cleaning suppliesThe first place you will find cleaning materials in your home that are not suited to green cleaning is in your kitchen. Do you have a chemical degreaser for your cooker? Or bleach under your sink for your countertops. As much as you might like these products, they are harmful and contain chemicals that will harm nature once the residue is flushed down the drain. Baking soda, lemon juice, and vinegar are all proven to be just as good as chemicals for getting rid of stubborn dirt, grease, and grime.


In your bathroom you will have toilet cleaner, and perhaps a bottle of bathroom cleaner. This cleaner most likely has bleach in it, designed for quickly getting rid of mould. Once again, you do not need bleach for this purpose. Eco Cleaning Bristol can show you how to get rid of mould and mildew quickly and effectively, leaving the grout between your tiles shiny and white.


Another area of your home where you may be storing chemicals is in your garden shed. Do you have a pesticide or weed killer? These are both harmful to natural fauna and flora. Ants hate borax, and you can buy this natural product in a hardware store. Borax is available not just in the US but in the UK too. Ask at your hardware store to see under which name it is sold.

Eco friendly cleaning supplies won’t just save the environment. They will also save you money. In your kitchen you will have many of the supplies you need for keeping your kitchen clean. Does your chopping board look stained after cutting carrots? Don’t reach for the bottle of bleach you have under your sink. Instead, clean by slicing a lemon in half and rubbing it gently on your chopping board. You should aim to rid your home of all chemical cleaners. You do not need them, not even for in-between cleaning.

Chemical cleaners can also damage your health and that of those around you. Pets and toddlers crawl around your home, and chemical floor cleaners can be very dangerous for them. Have you ever inhaled bleach? If so, you will remember the nasty taste it left in your mouth and the headache. So, imagine what it would do to your pets or your little ones who can’t tell you that their head hurts or that their throat is dry. Rid your home of chemicals today with the help of Eco Cleaning Bristol. We don’t just clean homes. We help you become aware of what it takes to keep a really green home.

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