Keeping your office clean should be high up on your list of priorities. You will most certainly of heard that a clean office promotes a good working ethic amongst employees. But what you might not know is that a green office is just as important as clean one. Read on to find out why you should only ever employ an office cleaning in Bristol team that uses 100% eco-friendly cleaning products.

Office Cleaning in Bristol : Creating a Healthy Working Environment

office cleaning in BristolIf your image of a green office is one with some greenery, then you are misinformed. Although having plants in the office is an excellent idea, it’s not just your plants that should be green. All cleaning products used by your office cleaning in Bristol team should also be green. Chemical cleaners don’t just harm the environment; they also damage the health of your employees.

Do you have any employees who suffer from asthma or skin allergies? How many days have they taken off work recently? What you might not know is that chemical cleaners can irritate asthma sufferers and cause also cause skin allergies. If your office smells of bleach, it may smell clean but it is also harming you and your staff members.

Have you ever used bleach at home to clean your bathroom and forgotten to open the window? If you have you will remember red eyes, difficulty with breathing, and a horrible lingering taste and a headache to go with it. In short, chemical cleaner like bleach are harmful, and they have no place in your office or your home.

Going Green at Work

There are many ways you can go green at work. One of the most important is employing an eco-friendly cleaning team. Asides this, you can recycle, use recycled paper, and have you cleaning cupboard stocked with eco-friendly janitorial supplies.

If you think that green cleaning is expensive, then once again you have been misinformed. Some of the best cleaning products can be found right at home. Vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice are just three of them. There is no need to use harsh cleaners in the office working environment, or indeed in any working environment. Even industrial premises can be cleaned to a high standard using only green cleaning products.

If your current team of office cleaners in Bristol is not eco-friendly, contact Eco Cleaning Bristol today. As a local company, we can offer you flexible and out of hours cleaning for your Bristol office that is affordable and of the highest standard. We work to ensure your office provides an optimum environment for your employees, and that starts will ensuring it is 100% green. From floors to windows, to end of lease cleaning, our team of commercial cleaners in Bristol have what it takes to make sure your office is not just the cleanest in the city but the most environmentally-conscious too.

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