When you care about the environment, you will employ a cleaning team that uses only green cleaning methods. But your concern for the environment should not stop there. A truly green home or office is one that houses no chemical cleaners at all. Do you have a bottle of bleach under the sink for when you spot mould in the bathroom? Do you still use old fashioned detergents for laundry that are full of nasty chemicals? If you have answered yes to either of these questions, Eco Cleaning Bristol is here to help you, eco friendly suppliers you can really rely on.

Eco Friendly Suppliers : Going Green

There are many areas of the home that need deep cleaning. Your oven is one of them. But when you choose Eco Cleaning Bristol for your oven cleaning, we will not use harsh chemicals. All our cleaning recipes are eco-friendly. We can also offer you advice on how to keep your home or commercial premise clean between our visits.

As eco friendly cleaners, we are also eco friendly suppliers of everything green. This includes your sponges, mops, and everything else you have in your cleaning kit. We like to share our cleaning tips with you, ensuring that your home is a safe one. If you knew just how much harm bleach can do to your pets or your children, you would throw the bottle you have under the sink out now.

When you constantly use chemicals in the home, you will find a buildup of harmful toxins. These can lead to respiratory problems and skin allergies. Do you wear gloves to clean because your cleaning products leave you with a rash? It’s not just your skin that is infected however. You cannot see the damage it is doing to the rest of your body.

Eco Friendly Suppliers for Commercial Premises

eco friendly suppliersAs well as supplying green cleaning products for homes, we can supply you with eco-friendly products for your office. Even the dirtiest of commercial premises can be cleaned using only green products. Green cleaning products are not more expensive, and many can be found in your kitchen cupboards.

If you use chemical based cleaners within your work environment, you are harming the health of not just yourself but also your staff members. The days when a house that smelled like bleach was a clean home are gone. A healthy working environment is one that is cleaned with only green products.

Whether you need cleaning supplies for your home or for your office, we are here to help you. We can share cleaning recipes with you to try out between our visits. We hate to see homes with chemicals in them, and we aim to convert all our Bristol offices and homes to green homes. Our supplies are affordable and effective, and they will allow you to do your bit at saving the environment today. From sponges to mops and cleaning cloths, we can show you how to eradicate dirt, bacteria, germs, and toxins from your domestic or commercial premise.

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